RECY® Purchase Order System (POS)

Besides merchandise a recycling business has also to buy supplies for production, office and operation. With RECY® POS (sometimes referred to by our German product name MAWI) purchase orders for supplies as well as spare parts, equipment, fuel, services, etc. can be issued in a very effective way. New orders can be copied easily from previous ones. The system supplies lead times, figures for consumption and inventory, prices, eligible suppliers along with a lot of other vital data. The order approval can optionally be done through HTML files and e-mail, or through the RECY CRM Module. Management does not have to run the software for the order approval process. They receive the purchase requisitions by e-mail and can approve by checking off electronically the HTML file which contains the detailed description of the requested purchase. This approval process can include multiple hierarchies. The buyer can access all supplier and product information and can even look into a web-based buyers guide of his own choice for product sources. Previously issued purchase orders and purchase invoices can be retrieved via the RECY® Archive package.

RECY® POS (MAWI) does not only handle the purchase orders but also provides effective control of the goods received along with processing of the invoices. The purchase invoices are automatically posted to the integrated accounting system after control. Parts or supplies taken out of the warehouse can be allocated to a department or cost centre with evaluated costing. Inventory management is easy as the parts can be optionally labelled with a QR code/barcode ticket.

Add-on Modules

  • RECY Production and Preventative Maintenance
  • RECY Archive
  • DocuBizz