Mobile Grading

Our Mobile Grading app continues to be a huge success. Over 500 mobile devices (smartphones and tablets) work already with this solution. It improves the communication for the receiving of material, eliminates security gaps and speeds up the weighing of the trucks at the truck scale. Photos which are taken with the app and linked to the received material provide better control for the buyers and help them with any argument with their suppliers. We created a new approve & price tickets program for RECY itself which shows not only the scale ticket data but also all photos from Mobile Grading and other cameras installed at the scales. The app was further developed and can be used efficiently in the sorting process of material.
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RECY, Version 6

35 of our existing customers have migrated so far to the new version based on Microsoft SQL database, .NET platform and C#. A dozen customers acquired in 2015 are using the new version. In 2016, we are planning another 60 migrations. It is most surprising how fast the users at existing and new customers were able to handle the new user interface and navigation. Proven and enhanced concepts, combined with the most modern technology. 

CRM with iRECY

The mobile version of our Customer Relation Management is used productively by several customers. Besides the usual functionality of a CRM system like communication and planning of activities, our CRM provides a complete information system on purchase and sales transactions, shipped material, contracts, scale tickets, prices, open receivables, container transactions and runs as well as documents and photos from our electronic archive. This information is as up-to-date as the last data entry by your staff. The system will be further enhanced to handle contract data entry and price file updates. iRECY is only available on iOS tablets for now.
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Dashboards and Business Intelligence

RECY provides all reports and journals which are required for the daily business processes as up-to-date as the last data entry. For even more detailed and flexible analysis, for planning and simulation, the business intelligence solution Cognos which is integrated in our ERP system is indispensable. Cognos is a product of IBM Corporation and is regarded worldwide as one of the best BI systems. The flexibility and power of this product is unrivalled. With cubes and dashboards the existing data can be analyzed from all angles, and can optionally be compared with budget data. Another powerful feature is the simulation which answers questions like What if?

FIBU, Version 6, certified

In October 2015 the version 6 of our accounting package, were audited and certified by a CPA company. Since 1/1/2016 it is already productively used by several customers.