Mobile Grading

The RECY Mobile Grading App  is being used daily on over 800 mobile devices (smartphones and tablets) within the yards of our customers who benefit from the efficiencies of using this solution. The App improves the communication for the receiving of material, eliminates security gaps and speeds up the weighing of the trucks at the truck scale. Photos which are taken with the App are automatically linked to the received material providing better control for traders and established proof for any claim with suppliers and consumers.

The WIP Sorting function of the App can also be used efficiently for the grading of material within the sorting process after the truck leaves the yard.

The app is connected securely with the RECY® database either by WLAN or 3G/4G.



App Version Recy 6 Recy 5
1.35.2 - SP79 -
1.35.1 - 6.3.7 SP79 -
1.35.0 - 6.2.49 SP79 -
1.34.2 - 6.2.44 SP77 - SP78
1.34.0 6.2.42 - 6.2.44 SP77 - SP78
1.33.0 6.2.33 - 6.2.41 SP66 - SP74
1.32.9 6.2.24 - 6.2.32 SP66 - SP73
1.31.0 --- SP64 - SP65
1.30.5 --- SP63


Version History



  • Bugfix: text correction of a message
  • Bugfix: when sorting tickets
  • Bugfix: in the event log

Requires at least Recy 5 SP79 or Recy 6 v6.3.7.6



  • Bugfix: on login switch
  • Bugfix: WIP-Option release with only one commodity without WIP flag and deduction
  • switch to numeric / alphanumeric keyboard in searchfield for: WIP list, commodity list
  • added Link to Mobile Grading "Home page"
  • added info for backend version
  • update ticket list after release
  • new parameter to label photos with license plate, ticket number and time stamp
  • other minor bugfixes

Requires at least Recy 5 SP79 or Recy 6 v6.2.50

  • Commodity texts will be considered, if changes of text positions have been allowed in the APP.
  • bugfixes

Requires at least Recy 5 SP79 or Recy 6 v6.2.45

  • New parameter in RECY
  • WIP/I-WIP determined by user survey (in combination with touchscreen tagging system only)
  • Show images from mobile grading in mobile WIP sorting
  • Use sorting in mobile grading for WIP sorting
  • Photo preview changed
  • UM and inventory code of commodity

Requires at least Recy 5 SP77 or Recy 6 v6.2.42

  • Shows WIP tag number and truck/car number in WIP list.
  • Photos from camera are rotated now to be displayed correctly (Android).
  • Bugfix: search function in commodity list (Android).
  • Shows deductions in list of deductions in alphabetical order.
  • New parameter for treating of photos if no WiFi connection is available.
  • Camera layout for Android changed (zoom, flash, settings).
  • When uploading photos from the photo gallery the backend server software now checks if the scale ticket is still available. If the scale ticket is not still available you are advised to store the photos as scale images linked to the scale ticket in the RECY Archive (without a link to a specific line item). If the touchscreen advanced tagging system is activated you are advised to link the photos as WIP Photos in the RECY Archive with the WIP tag number as the document number (without a link to a specific line item within the sorting) in the case of a WIP.

Require at least Recy 5 SP74 or Recy 6.2.33!

  • Camera flash (Android)
  • Check for duplicated commodities by splitting removed
  • Fix for commodity list appearance
  • Clean-up temporary folder on device from not used data
  • Fix: position text
  • Fix: higher timeout
  • New language: Polish
  • Fix: Max. searchlimit for commodity search
  • Note for ticket can be shown an can be edited
  • Possibility to canche position text
  • Option for "Message to trader"
  • Second title of commodity

Require at least Recy 5 SP66 or Recy 6.2.24!

  • Fix network problem

Require at least Recy 5 SP64!

  • Images can be transfered direct to archive - no archive job needed
  • Commodity description is shown in info field, position text not changing any more
  • Pauschaler Preisabschlag pro Stück

Require at least Recy 5 SP63!