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The New "Add Photo" app is used help document the receiving and dispatching of materials including overseas containers with the relevant photos. This app also complements the "Mobile Grading" app and the RECY Image Capturing Module via the scales programs. All photos are stored in the RECY Archive for easy retrieval and analysis.


App Version Recy 6 Recy 5
0.2.3 6.3.7 - SP 86
0.1.0 6.2.30 - nicht kompatibel


Version History

  • Fix: background photo upload

Require Recy 6.3.7 or Recy 5 SP 86.


Please uninstall previous version!!! Clean installation is required (change of database engine)!

  • Settings for photo quality
  • Asynchrone photo upload
  • Import server configuration from QR code
  • Show server configuration as QR code
  • New photo gallery with delete possibility

Require Recy 6.3.7 or Recy 5 SP 86.


First version.

Require at least Recy 6.2.30.