Manage Your Tags

Logo of  the app Mange Your Tags

Our "Manage Your Tags" App replaces the program which previously used mobile barcode scanning devices (Motorola Scan Guns). The app runs on iOS and Android smartphones. The app is compatible with both Recy 5 and Recy 6.

The reservation and dispatching of stock works via scanning barcodes (supported are Code39 and QR Code) of the finished goods.


OS Min. Version
iOS 9.3
Android 5.0
App Version Recy 6 Recy 5
0.6.2 6.3.12 - SP85 -
0.5.3 6.2.48 - 6.3.12 SP80 - SP 85
0.3.0 6.2.30 - 6.2.47 SP73 - SP79


Version History



  • Fix: Camera autofocus

Require at least Recy 5 SP85 or Recy 6.3.12.



Attention: All server configurations get lost on update because of new database engine!

  • New feature: Multi Batch (only Recy 6)
  • New feature: Take Inventory (only Recy 6)
  • English as default language
  • Select app language on configuration page
  • Optional account number for reservations
  • Reset file name field
  • Remove font size configuration (use OS possibilities to scale)
  • Import server configuration from QR code
  • Show server configuration as QR code
  • Some bug fixes

Require at least Recy 5 SP85 or Recy 6.3.12.



  • Crash on exit of configuration page
  • Crash on deleting of outdated data
  • Search bar visibility on Android 7

Require at least Recy 5 SP80 or Recy 6.2.48.



  • Take Inventory
  • Show splash Screen on start
  • Accept the entered lot number for manual input on enter key
  • Multi Batch only for RECY 6 Backend
  • Autofocus in manual input
  • Back navigation for Overlays
  • Some minor bugfixes

Require at least Recy 5 SP80 or Recy 6.2.48.


First version.

Require at least Recy 5 SP73 or Recy 6.2.30.